What Happened?

10:01:00 AM

About one year ago today I posted my last blog. I was inconsistent, I lost inspiration and I quit.

I learned very quickly that trying to become a beauty blogger in an over saturated genre is NOT going to be easy. I fell into the same routine, never being adventurous with my posts. I stuck myself into one corner and was realizing that as much as I love makeup and beauty tips, my blog needs to be about more than that. I have to love what I am doing and I love more than just makeup and beauty tips. 

I have decided to revamp this blog to.....

Life with Lanii 

The new blog will of course still have beauty tips and makeup but it will also have style, home decor, food and so much more. I will do my best to upload content on a consistent basis.

If you have anything you want me to try out and upload a post about please me know!



* New Posts Coming Soon *         


7:24:00 AM

Image result for dose of colors desi and katy

If you haven't already heard the dynamic beauty blogger duo Desi and Katy have collaborated with the makeup brand Dose of Colors

The ladies have mentioned that they have been  working on the collaboration for the past two years, to ensure that everything that have will be as perfect as possible. They have a total of 8 products launching on Monday August 14th! 

Below are pictures that @Trendmood on Instagram posted. These show swatches of the eyeshadow palette and the two highlighters. 

Image result for dose of colors desi and katy products

Swatches of Fuego & Mirame Highlighters : 

 Image result for desi x katy swatches

No Shade & More Creamer Please Lipsticks:

lipstick, Nude, and makeup image

Swatches of No Shade & More Creamer Please Lipsticks. Also swatches of Hot Fire & Savage Liquid Lipsticks:

Image result for desi x katy over the top lipgloss

Swatch of Over The Top Lipgloss :

Image result for desi x katy over the top lipgloss

More Pictures: 
Image result for desi x katy dose of colors

Image result for desi x katy dose of colors 


Highlighters: $28 

Nude Lipsticks: $16

Matte Liquid Lipsticks : $18

Eyeshadow Palette: $28

Lipgloss: $15

After seeing how well everything swatches, I am eager to try all these products. Hopefully I will be able to snag the line before it sells out on Monday. If you want to see how the products work there are already tons of YouTube videos with beauty gurus trying out the line.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from the line remember to be on the Dose of Colors site on Monday August 14th!

Tell me what you think about the collaboration in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!